How To Disable The Norton Setup Toolbar?

Norton antivirus, such as several different applications in exactly the same vein has produced a little bit of extra utilities. The most notable of these utilities is your toolbars. This coverage entails but is limited to information security, anti-phishing and security against the more may we say lousy websites. However, what exactly the enterprising and completely reliable antivirus software don’t say, is that sometimes their alert tendencies puts a damper from the internet browsing experience.

Launch the browser: whilst on the desktop, double click on the internet explorer icon. This obvious step will be the first on the path to disable the titular toolbar.

Implements into tools: all the additional add-ons of this browser may be listed while clicking on tools. To do this, click on tools-> select “handle Add-ons” -> you’d see the title “Norton.dll” (This dynamic link library is responsible for the cited utility installation into the browser.

   Proceed to “run”: as soon as you’ve jotted down the name of this document responsible, Go to start -> Run

   Enter the code: From the “run” dialog, you need to type in this specific code regsvr32 /u \”C:\Program Files\Symantec\filename. \”. Here, the filename is essentially that the one which you wrote down provided in step 2. Depending upon your operating system, this filename might have a slight variant associated with that. In such cases, compose those.

    Input to the program: Typing in input following the previous would guide one towards the toolbar. From there on visit the Norton System Security icon available on the system tray.

Visit Settings To disable the titular utility in the browser you need to understand its purpose and set a stop on that. To this end, go to settings -> uncheck the checkbox beside this “phishing protection” tab.

System Restart: To fully install the newly made modification, you need to restart the system. Following that the utility will be disabled in the browser.

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